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Presto Spices: "Taste the Difference"

Spice O' Life Limited use lots of spices in its day to day blending operations.

The net effect of this is that we have a constant supply of freshness from a spice perspective resulting in our Presto Range of spices being alive with flavour. 

Speak to us today if this is of interest to you.

We do not sell a lot of dried herbs as we believe there is no substitute for fresh herbs in the culinary world whenever possible.

Product Pack Size Description
Vietnamese Whole Black Pepper 500g Vietnamese peppercorns have not been widely publicized in the past, but that is likely to change.
Vietnam is now producing some superior spices and is now the world's largest producer of peppercorns.
These corns are large in size with a flavor to match.
When cracked, they show a bit of yellow color and release a hint of citrus fragrance.
Our Presto black pepper is distinctively bold in flavor and release a medium amount of heat.
Try our pepper if you're looking for something unique and exotic.
Vietnamese No. 8 Cracked Black Pepper 600g Ideal for studding your roast of the day, pork shoulder, leg of lamb, roast beef etc. etc.
Chef's Tip:
Blend with coarse sea salt and rub liberally into scored pork roast, skin on.
Vietnamese No. 18 Cracked Black Pepper 700g The ideal size and flavor for everyday in house seasoning.
Vietnamese No. 60 Ground Black Pepper 750g If it's a fine powder you need this is the one.
Vietnamese No. 60 Ground White Pepper 750g If it's the traditional ground white pepper you need, this will meet that need and more. Full of flavor.
Sea Salt Coarse 750g All natural and nothing added. Ideal for Grinders.
Sea Salt Fine 800g Ideal for in house seasoning.
Ground Cumin 800g For all your ethnic needs
100 Asta Paprika 800g A beautiful, vibrant red, richly flavored paprika.
Smoked Paprika 800g For that smoked top note in your ethnic and traditional dishes.
Chilli Powder 800g If its a lingering heat you want in your dish, this is the one for you.
We find, if you want a nice lingering heat, use this chilli powder at about 0.2% in your final dish.
Cayenne Chilli Pepper 25k 800g If its heat you want up front in your dish, this is the one for you.
It will hit with a bang. Use sparingly at first, to find that level of heat burst you are after. It's easy to add more, difficult to take it back.
Crushed Chillies 500g Hot Hot Hot, but a delightful addition to a dish. Surprise.
Cardamom Green Ground 800g Has to be one of natures greatest presents to us.
A delightful spice, that adds a magical top note to many dishes.
Coriander Ground 800g A have to in the kitchen when currys, stews and much more are being prepared.
Turmeric 800g Another one of those vital ingredients when curries are being made.
Now an important spice, from a health perspective as well, with the discovery of the importance of curcumin contained in turmeric.