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Gluten Free Sauces and Marinades

Spice O' Life Limited recognise that more and more people are steering away from gluten containing products due to allergenic problems (Coeliacs) and from a lifestyle point of view (gut health).

To cater to this demand from our customers,  Spice O' Life Limited now produce a wide range of gluten free products under our Presto Label.

This range of products are independantly tested by the Public Analyst Laboratory, University College Galway to validate our products gluten free claim.

All the taste, yet gluten free.

Product Pack Size Description
Creamy Pepper Sauce 5.0kg, 11kg A Creamy, rich robust pepper sauce, made with Irish Dairy Cream and alive with cracked black pepper and hints of tomato, beef and onion.
A 5 Star Product.
Simply divine.
Stroganoff Sauce 5.0kg Another one of our Creamy, rich robust sauces, made with Irish Dairy Cream, brandy, our own Dijon Mustard and loaded with mushrooms and diced gherkins.
A 5 Star Product.
Simply divine.
Diane Sauce 5.0kg A lovely beefy cream sauce rich with Mustard and chunks of marinated button mushrooms and notes onion, tomato and cracked black pepper.
Italian Herb & Tomato Sauce 2.5kg, 5.0kg, 11.0kg A deep rich red tomato based sauce with a hint of garlic, balanced with a blend of Italian herbs and cracked black pepper.
This popular product is ideal for meatballs.
It also makes for a very nice robust pizza sauce.
Sweet & Sour Sauce 5kg A traditional sweet & sour sauce with bell peppers and chunky pineapple pieces with a good level of rice wine vinegar for that traditional sour flavour.
Sweet Chilli Sauce 1ltr, 2,5kg, 11.okg A gluten free sauce, loved by all the kids with chicken goujons or added to chicken wraps for that point of difference.
Try it as a casserole sauce with medallions of pork fillet or sliced breast of chicken layered with pineapple pieces.
Chip Shop Curry Sauce 50g, 5kg. A good medium spiced chip shop curry containing 8 different naturally ground spices.
Spicy Tomato & Cracked Black Pepper Marinade 2.5kg A most versatile marinade.
A prize winner on rib eye steaks but fantastic as a stir fry sauce for chicken or steak.
Simply marinate chicken wings, thighs or drums for 3 to 4 hours.
Bake in the oven and finish on the barberque of under the grill for a delicious treat.
Smokey BBQ Sauce 1 ltr or 2.5kg, 11.00kg A very versatile sauce come marinade.
Ideal for marinating chicken pieces a few hours before cooking.
Lovely as a condiment sauce for burgers.
Try it with cheddar cheese and crackers. Lovely.