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Dry Glaze Marinades

Marinade Me:

Dry Glazes:

A unique gluten free dry marinade system which you simply sprinkle onto meat and allow the glaze to hydrate with the meat’s natural juices.

Ideal for Barbeque, Grilling, or baking in the oven.

The ideal application rate is  60 to 80g of glaze per kilo of meat.

How to apply:

1. Place meat in a big plastic bag.

2. Sprinkle on glaze and trap as much air as possible in the bag

3. Shake bag up and down until all the glaze has adhered or stuck to the meat.


Sprinkle glaze over meat in a bowl and mix until glaze is uniformly distributed on all of the meat.

Product Pack Size Description
Hot & Spicy (Gluten Free) 4.0kg 8.0kg A bright sweet Paprika and Chilli glaze with hints of garlic and spice.
The ideal marinade for chicken wings, thighs and drums.
Loved by all the family.
Chinese Glaze (Gluten Free) 4.0kg 8.0kg A rich traditional beet red marinade with notes of Star Anise, Liquorice and a nice note of ground ginger.
Simply a must on pork ribs, pork pieces and on chicken drums & wings.
Spicy Tomato (Gluten Free) 4.0kg 8.0kg A sweet yet spicy glaze with notes of tomato, black pepper and chilli.
An ideal glaze for the barbeque.
This is a very versatile glaze, ideal for marinating Pork and Chicken Pieces.
Try it with pork or beef ribs.
Smokey BBQ (Gluten Free) 4.0kg 8.0kg A sweet and smokey rich brown marinade with notes of tomato and garlic and spicy cayenne pepper ideal on pork ribs and chicken pieces.
It's strong smelling on application but isa great product to deliver fantastic flavour.
Cajun Blend (Gluten Free) 3.0kg Cajun Blend is a glaze that when used with our Raffine Oil or Cajun Chicken Stir Fry Oil delivers a lovely chicken stir fry.
Simply mix in your veg of choice with your slices of chicken and add your oil of choice.
Sprinkle on your Cajun blend liberally until you reach your desired level of flavour.
Meatball Glaze (Gluten Free) 4.0kg 8.0kg An enrobing glaze for your homemade meatballs.
Once you have formed the meatballs, simply roll them in this glaze to give that authentic Italian Herb & tomato flavour.
Thai Style (Gluten Free) 4.0kg The traditional Thai flavours of chilli, citrus and coconut, make for an exotic sweet blend of spices for chicken pieces, pork medallions and is delicious on grilled lamb chops.
This product leans towards a sweet rather than spicy hot product.

Dry Glaze Marinades