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Gluten Free Seasonings

Presto Gluten Free Seasonings: "Taste the Difference"

We use the services of the HSC Public Analyst Laboratory located in University Hospital Galway to test our Gluten Free products to ensure all our products contain less than 20ppm of Gluten in final product.

We as a company have now been producing gluten free sauces, marinades and seasonings for over 10 years and are very conscious of our resposibilities to our growing number of gluten free customers.

Product Pack Size Description
Gluten Free Blackened Cajun Seasoning 300g For that authentic blackened cajun steak or chicken fillet.
It is also beautiful with a fresh salmon darn cooked under the grill.
Gluten Free Mexican Seasoning 300g This is the ideal seasoning for making succulent steak fajitas or if you like a good steak stir fry use this seasoning at a 4 to 6% level.
Gluten Free Flame Grilled Steak Seasoning 300g A lively seasoning to add smoke and spice to your steak. Simply sprinkle on.
Gluten Free Chicken Fajita Seasoning 300g A very popular seasoning, with all the family. Rich in garlic, and black pepper.
Quick and easy to prepare.
Zesty Lemon Pepper Seasoning 300g An ideal seasoning for white fish and salmon.
Try it as rub for roast chicken, or sprinkle on steamed fillets for a warm chicken salad.
Very tasty and light.
Gluten Free Meatball Seasoning 285g Add 110 g ice water to 4.15 kg of round steak mince. Mix in 285 g of gluten free meatball seasoning until uniform and form into golf ball size meatballs and allow to season.
Roll meatballs in our gluten free Italian glaze and serve with our gluten free Italian Herb & Tomato sauce.
A very tasty gluten free meal solution.
Gluten Free Meatball Glaze 300g An enrobing gluten free glaze for your homemade meatballs.
Once you have formed the meatballs, simply roll them in this glaze to give that authentic Italian Herb & tomato flavour.
Gluten Free Premium Beef Burger Seasoning 250g A Gold and silver Medal seasoning 2012,2013 and 2014.
Enough said really.
Add 150 g ice water to 4.5 kg of good quality round steak mince.
Mix in 250 g of gluten free premium beef burger seasoning and mix until uniform.
Form into burgers and allow to season.
Gluten Free Moroccan Lamb Burger Seasoning 310g This is a lamb burger with a taste of North Africa to it ie. a mild Moroccan flavored burger.
Really tasty.

Add 110 g ice water to 4.2 kg of lamb mince.
Mix in 310 g of standard lamb seasoning until uniform and form into burgers and allow to season.
Slice and Serve with some hummus and sour cream in a bap or bun.
Gluten Free Lamb Kofta 300g A beautiful flavored traditional Moroccan meatball rich in notes of sweet coriander and mint.
Also ideal as a lamb grill stick seasoning.