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Flavoured Low Fat Mayonnaise

Spice O' Life produce a range of low fat flavoured Mayonnaise under the Presto Brand for the Foodservice Market in Ireland and the UK.

These flavoured low fat mayonnaises are full flavour healthy options, for the Foodservice provider, meeting today's health conscious consumer needs.

They are made using fresh Irish pasteurised egg and are all gluten free.

They are available in our very convenient 1 litre squeezy bottle or in 2.8 sapphires as well as 10 litre top web sealed buckets.

Product Pack Size Description
Garlic Mayonnaise (Gluten Free) 1Ltr Squeezy One of our most popular mayonnaise's. If you like garlic this is a must.
Taco Mayonnaise (Gluten Free) 1Ltr Squeezy This is an authentic taco mayo, rich in notes of tomato, chilli powders, smoked paprika and a hint of cumin and garlic.
It's the real deal. Delightful in wraps or for dipping. Enjoy.
Sweet Chilli Mayo (Gluten Free) 1Ltr Squeezy A very popular product with kids with chicken and fish goujons.
Burger Sauce (Gluten Free) 1Ltr Squeezy It's a classic. A lovely mild Sweet & Smokey sauce.
Light Mayonnaise (Gluten Free) 1Ltr Squeezy For your health conscious customers.
This mayonnaise has 57% less fat yet it has a rich luxuriant full fat taste.
Really Enjoyable.
Tartar Sauce (Gluten Free) 1Ltr Squeezy A real zesty, natural tartar sauce with loads of diced gherkins and shredded capers.
A have to have for your beer battered fish, chips and mushy peas offfering.
Chefs Tip: Put a dollop of it on a sliced piece of smoked salmon and roll like a sausage.
Smoked Marie Rose 1Ltr Squeezy A delicious unique Smokey Marie Rose.
Makes a beautiful prawn cocktail.
Ask for a sample and try it for yourself.
Red Thai Mayo 1Ltr Squeezy A unique, full of flavour ethnic mayo. Beautiful in wraps and sandwiches.