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Chilled Sauces

Chilled Sauces

Spice O' Life Limited produce a wide variety of ready to use  Presto pour over chilled sauces to compliment the Foodservice operators meal offerings.

All of our current range of chilled sauces are gluten free.

If you want a consistent product time and again, delivering that same flavour time and again, we have the solution for you.

Try them to see.

Product Pack Size Description
Creamy Pepper Sauce: (Gluten Free) 5.0 kg A Creamy, rich robust pepper sauce, made with Irish Dairy Cream and alive with Vietnamese cracked black pepper and hints of tomato, beef and onion.
A 5 Star Product.
Simply divine.

Chefs Tip:
This is our best seller by miles.
If you are looking to standardize your pepper sauce offering this is for you.
100% same taste every.
Italian Herb & Tomato (Gluten Free) 2.5 kg & 5.0 kg A deep rich red tomato based sauce with a hint of garlic, balanced with a blend of Italian herbs and crushed black pepper.

This popular product is ideal for meatballs and as a pizza sauce.
Red Thai Curry Sauce 5.00 kg 5.0 kg A real spicy Thai Sauce rich in notes of lemongrass, ginger and chiilis.
It would remind you of Ko Samui.
Happy Days and lovely food.
A must try.
Chefs Tip:
If you think it's too fiery use some coconut milk to calm it, but just a little.
Sweet & Sour Sauce (Gluten Free) 5.0 kg A traditional sweet & sour sauce with bell peppers and chunky pineapple pieces with a good level of rice wine vinegar for that traditional sour flavor.
Chef's Tip:
This is a very quick kid friendly dish.
Just have the rice ready to go.
Curry Sauce (Gluten Free) 5kg A good medium spiced chip shop curry containing 8 different naturally ground spices. 5.0 kg A good medium spiced chip shop curry containing 8 different naturally ground spices.
A very popular product.
Chefs Tip:
If you want to calm it add some Creme freche or coconut milk.
Shaved almonds through it are wonderful.
Stroganoff Sauce (Gluten Free) 5.0 kg Another one of our creamy, rich robust sauces, made with Irish Dairy Cream, brandy, our own Dijon Mustard and loaded with mushrooms and diced gherkins.
A 5 Star Product.
Simply divine.
Chefs Tip:
Beef or Chicken Stroganoff is a must.
Serve over mashed potatoes with buttered baton carrots on the side.