Spice O'Life Limited has a number of licensed brands. Insanely Good is our Retail Brand. Presto is our Food Service Brand and Spice O' Life is our Craft Butchers Brand.

Insane... but in a delicious way!

Healthy, Tasty, Convenient, Gluten Free are all words that come to mind when we went about launching our Insanely Good retail brand across Ireland.

Our aim was to offer products with all these attributes to you our customer so that you could feed your family a healthy dinner in under 30 minutes at an affordable price.

If you have a busy life and are time poor, Insanely Good is an answer to your problem with quick, natural, healthy meal solutions to cater to your hectic lifestyle.

Visit our website or facebook site where you will get recipes and other cooking suggestions for all our sauces, dips, and condiment sauces.

www.insanelygood.ie or www.facebook.com/InsanelyGood Sauces

Creamy Pepper Sauce (Gluten Free & MSG Free)

A Creamy, rich robust pepper sauce, made with our very own Irish Dairy Cream and alive with cracked black pepper and hints of tomato, beef and onion.
A 5 Star Product.
Simply divine.

Fruity Curry Sauce (Low in Fat, Gluten Free & MSG Free)

With only 0.3% saturated fat , Golden Jumbo raisins bursting with flavour and lots of pineapple pieces makes this a healthy low fat curry that can be enjoyed by all the family.
Chef’s Tip:
If you find it too spicy you can calm it down using a low fat natural yoghurt or creme fraiche.

Bombay Curry Sauce (Gluten Free & MSG Free)

A lively medium spiced curry containing 8 different naturally ground spices.  A must have once a week on those cold Autumn and Winter months to keep those winter colds at bay.  Good for your health and well being.

Tikka Masala Sauce (Gluten Free & MSG Free)

This is a rich sauce made with 9 ground spices, Irish dairy cream, West Cork natural yoghurt, Italian peeled plum tomatoes and some secret ingredients.
A wonderful flavorsome product with a mild kick.
Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner anyone?

Insanely Good

Presto - Taste the Magic

Presto is Spice O' Life Limiteds Food Service Brand.

This is a new brand, which we are launching to cater direclty to foodservice operators.

Quality at a fair price.

Our goal here is to cater directly to the food service provider offering them new and unique Presto products.

Spice O' Life Limited has a diverse manufacturing capability ranging from packing single spices to the more complicated dry blends, sauces, marinades,and dressings, to ready-to-use finished prepared consumer foods.

It is this diverse manufacturing capability that allows us to provide our Foodservice Customers a range of  Presto products, in the right form, at the right time and place, to meet the rapid changing needs of the Foodservice market today.  

One of our strengths is our capability to turn projects around in very quick order, from the time we develop your  Presto product in our New Product Development Laboratory, to the time we take it to production. 

This guarantees you, our customer a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors, in that you are first on the market with new Presto products, and you know better than anyone what the benefits of being first are in the fast paced Foodservice market.

We also have the capability to produce own branded products for our customers in a wide variety of forms from dip pots to sachets (15g to 450g) to bulk containers.

All you have to do is come and talk with us to see if we can meet your needs. 

Presto products are manufactured by experienced and highly trained professionals who operate to the very stringent BRC Quality Standard.

We offer our customers portion control packaging which assures a consistent pack size, uniform flavour and a quality product each and every time.

Our aim is to consistently exceed our  Foodservice Customers expectations in the development and manufacture of prepared consumer food ingredients, blends of ingredients and finished products.

Let us develop, create, and manufacture the solution to your sauce, spice, seasoning and new product development needs by contacting one of our technical sales professionals.

Drop us a quick e-mail or pick up the phone and talk to a member of our Presto technical team today.

Thank You.


Dip it

 A project still in the pipeline.

Dip It

Marinade Me

Marinade Me is another one of our brands and this brand spans both the retail and butchers market.

Our brand new oil marinade range is also under the Marinade Me range as is our unique range of gluten free and MSG free flavour glazes.

Look out for this brand over the next few years.

Hopefully you will be seeing more and more of it.

Marinade Me

Spice O'Life intro line here

Spice O' Life is our brand that is sold to the Craft Butchers across the island of Ireland.

It consists of the following types of retail products:

Chilled Sauces

Chilled Gravies

Ambient Condiment Sauces

Ambient Marinades

Flavoured Mayonnaises

Spice O’Life