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Top Coat Seasonings / Crumb Toppings

This section relates to dressing seasonings, garnishes and crumb toppings used to finish off your meat of choice from a visual and a top note taste perspective.

Product Pack Size Description
Cajun Schnitzel 3kg A Cajun seasoning blended on a crumb coating. Ideal for dressing pork loin chops, rimming burgers or sprinkling over stuffed chicken supremes.
If you want a lively grill stick try the cajun schnitzel as the crumb coating
Garlic Schnitzel 3.0kg A garlic and herb crumb topping ideal for a kiev flavored inner fillet or goujon. Use as a coating for a chicken grill stick.
BBQ Chicken Coater 4kg BBQ chicken coater is the have to try seasoning for your Rotisserie Chicken. Delivers a lovely finished product from a taste and colour perspective.
Steakado 6kg This is one of the best pepper steak seasonings available at present in Ireland. You will have to try it for us to prove it. Call for your sample today 023-8878249
Use also to coat grill sticks or to rim burgers.
Crushed Chilli and Coriander Crumb 3.0kg This spicy crumb is ideal with chicken, minute steaks, pork loin chops and much much more. It has a spicy bite to it, with a lovely linger of coriander. Add it to your sausages for that secret touch.
Lemon Pepper Crumb 3.5 kg A zesty crumb ideal on chicken inner fillets and fillets, pork loin chops or as a decor on stuffed butterflied pork chops or stuffed chicken supremes.
Garden Mint Crumb Topping 3.5kg The ideal crumb topping for lamb chops or used as a cap over a french wrack. Bake covered in the oven, uncovering for the last 10 minutes to crisp up the crumb. Delicious.
Cajun Lamb Grill Stick Seasonings 3.5kg An authentic Cajun spiced crumb seasoning for lamb grill sticks. You can either mix in into the mince or top coat it. We would recommend a bit of both that way the spice in the meat is protected from the direct heat of the grill and will therefore deliver a bigger flavour on eating. Enjoy.
Speciality Crumb 3.5kg A yellow based decor crumb full of flavour with white, green, red and black flecks throughout. Offers a lovely visual lift as well as flavour to pork chops and chicken fillets.
French Decor 1kg This is one of your versatile decor garnishes. Simply parsley and red bell peppers to give your product a lift.
Italian Decor 1.0 kg This is another one of your versatile garnishes. Simply parsley, minced white onion and red bell peppers to give your product a lift.
Parsley 1kg Available in 3mm and 6mm dimensions depending on the size of the fleck you require.
Mixed Herbs 1.5kg Used at times as a decor but predominantly bought for addition to stuffings.