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Chilled Retail Sauces

Spice O' Life Limited produce a wide variety of pour over chilled sauces to compliment our butchers meat offerings and therefore offer their customers the complete meal solution.

All of our current range of chilled sauces are gluten free.

Product Pack Size Description
Creamy Pepper Sauce (Gluten Free) 275g A Creamy, rich robust pepper sauce, made with our very own Irish Dairy Cream and alive with cracked black pepper and hints of tomato, beef and onion.
A 5 Star Product.
Simply divine.
Bushmills Cream Sauce (Gluten Free) 275g A rich, creamy sauce with loads of flavour. This sauce is made with our very own Irish Dairy Cream and is alive with delicate flavors of marjoram, thyme ,cracked black pepper and is finished with that distinctive Irish Whiskey flavour.
This has to be one of our best sauces.
Diane Sauce (Gluten Free) 275g A classic cream sauce with strong notes of dijon mustard and a good amount of diced mushrooms with hints of onion, pepper and beef.
Ideal with steak or chicken.
Curry Sauce (Gluten Free) 475g A good medium spiced chip shop curry containing 8 different naturally ground spices. This is the one to keep those winter colds at bay.
Bolognese Sauce (Gluten Free) 450g Italian peeled plum tomatoes, Italian olive and extra virgin olive oil, Greek tomato paste, sea salt and cracked black pepper, oil of basil. That's it. This is a natural beautiful healthy tasting product. Put this with your high quality 90 -95 VL Irish round steak beef mince and you will not taste a nicer spaghetti bolognese in Ireland. Enjoy.
Tikka Masala Sauce (Gluten Free) 450g This is a rich sauce made with 9 ground spices, Irish dairy cream, West Cork natural yoghurt, Italian peeled plum tomatoes and some secret ingredients. A wonderful flavorsome product with a mild kick. Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner anyone?
Beef Gravy (Gluten Free) 450g A family friendly gravy, enjoyed by all the family.
Chef's Tip:
Be sure to de-glaze the roasting pan and add to the gravy for an additional boost of flavour and goodness.
Sweet & Sour (Gluten Free) 450g A real flavorful sweet & sour that delivers. The sweet balanced with the sour of rice wine vinegar makes this a very well balanced sauce complimented with strips of sweated onions and bell peppers. The ideal quick and easy dinner with strips of fresh Irish Chicken served on boiled rice. Very popular with