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Spice O' Life Limited produce a range of dehydrated stuffings for the different meats. The benefits of this system are, uniform flavour every time, not having to worry about yeast and moulds in your incoming fresh breadcrumbs, variety of flavours for your different meats and portion control.

Product Pack Size Description
Sage & Onion 10kg This stuffing works very well with both chicken (Roulades, Stuffed Supremes, Whole Bird) or also in stuffed pork fillet steaks or butterflied stuffed loin of pork.
Cranberry & Apricot 10.0 kg Cranberry and Apricot is very tasty in both stuffed shoulder of lamb and in whole chicken. Try it in a stuffed pork fillet and be pleasantly surprised.
Traditional Style 10.0kg The place for this is in a whole bird or with chicken roulades or stuffed chicken supremes.