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Ambient Retail Sauces & Marinades

Spice O' Life Limited produce a wide range of retail ambient sauces and marinades for the butchers counter.  

These are ideal products for home marinating, dipping and summer time barbeques.

Product Pack Size Description
Sweet Chilli (Gluten Free) 300g A gluten free sauce, loved by all the kids with chicken goujons or added to chicken wraps for that point of difference.
Smokey BBQ (Gluten Free) 300g A very versatile sauce come marinade. Ideal for marinating chicken pieces a few hours before cooking.
Lovely as a condiment sauce for burgers. Try it with cheddar cheese and crackers. Lovely.
Coriander & Chilli (Gluten Free) 300g This is a have to try as the marinade for a slow cooked spatch- cock chicken. It's delicious.
It's ideal for pork ribs also.
Brown Sauce (Gluten Free) 300g The ideal accompaniment for cold cuts of lamb or roast beef.
Chef's Tip:
Try it with your bacon and cabbage. You'll like it.
Spicy Tomato & Pepper (Gluten Free) 290g A most versatile marinade. A prize winner on rib eye steaks but fantastic as a stir fry sauce for chicken or steak.
Simply marinate chicken wings, thighs or drums for 3 to 4 hours. Bake in the oven and finish on the barberque of under the grill for a delicious treat.
Piri Piri 290g A fiery stir fry sauce. Ideal for chicken or pork stir fries.
BBQ Steak 290g As the name suggests this marinade is for steak. You can either brush on during cooking or marinate overnight or some people do a bit of both and baste as they are cooking.
Either way it delivers a beautiful flavour to a succulent steak.
Spare Rib 290g It's wonderful with either pork or beef ribs. The trick is to cook them covered at a low temperature for a long time continually basting. When they are finished uncover them and either crisp them up a little in the oven or on the barbeque. Tasty Treat.
Garlic & Herb 250g This is a very popular oil based marinade. Ideal on baby potatoes baked in the oven or on chicken pieces.
Delivers a wonderful flavour at meal time.
Ambient Retail Sauces & Marinades