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Oil Based Marinades

Currently the only Irish Produced Gluten Free range of Oil marinades available in the market.

A natural concentrated blast of flavour.

Product Pack Size Description
New Orleans Cajun (Gluten Free) 2.8kg An authentic taste from Mardi Gras. Rich in notes of pepper, chilli and garlic with hints of oregano and basil.
Beautiful on Steak and pork loin chops. Try on chicken wings baked in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.
Tandoori (Gluten Free) 2.8kg This is a top of the shop product with all the finest and most expensive of the spices present ranging from Cardamom, Coriander, Cloves, Cinnamon,Cumin, Cayenne and Cracked Black Pepper.
It is a beautiful product when shallow baked on chicken wings, thighs and drums in a very hot oven (200 degrees C).
Garlic & Herb (Gluten Free) 2.8kg A very popular, widely used marinade rich in notes of Garlic & Parsley. Has a multitude of uses.
Tex Mex (Gluten Free) 2.8kg A medium spiced product ideal on pork and chicken pieces.
Ideal for barbeques
Zesty Lemon Garlic (Gluten Free) 2.8kg A taste of summer. Lovely citrus and garlic notes.
Is really only suited to chicken and chicken pieces.
Chilli Willi (Gluten Free) 2.8kg This is a fabulous versatile marinade. Ideal with all meats and poultry. Rich with notes of Paprika, Garlic & Cracked Black Pepper.
The ideal marinade on well aged rump steak, kebabs, butterflied pork chop and much more.
Smokey Joe (Gluten Free) 2.8kg As the name suggests, this is the ideal marinade for beef or pork ribs especially when used in combination with our Smokey Barbeque Dry Glaze.
Simply glaze the ribs with the dry glaze and top coat with the oil marinade to seal in all the juices.
Delivers a very tasty finished product.
Greek Passion (Gluten Free) 2.8kg Rich in tomato, rosemary and herbs this is the ideal marinade to garnish stuffed butterflied pork chops or stuffed chicken supremes.
Argentinian Fire (Gluten Free) 2.8kg Argentina Fire is a beefy umami decor marinade with lots of flavour. Black pepper, sweetness and chillis predominate.
Garlic & Rosemary (Gluten Free) 2.8kg As it's name suggests it really is only suited to two applications, Chicken and Lamb.
Garnish a shoulder or leg of lamb with this marinade for a lovely finish.
Is also lovely on a stuffed par -boned breast of chicken with the skin on.
Bombay Gold (Gluten Free) 2.8kg Chicken,Chicken, Chicken.
Beautiful on Chicken Skewers, kebabs, Thighs and Drums.
Piri Piri (Gluten Free) 2.8kg A spicy marinade with a zesty background and hints of garlic, basil, oregano and smoked paprika.
Suited to all meats in particular chicken and pork.
Coriander & Chilli (Gluten Free) 2.8kg A beautiful complex marinade, ideal as a steak stir fry or as a garnishing marinade for a stuffed pork steak.
Garlic Butter (Gluten Free) 2.8kg Chicken, Steak.
Ideal over a stuffed part-boned breast or in the stuffing(10%).
Lightly marinated over a strip-loin steak is surprisingly very tasty.
Also very nice rubbed into and on top of a whole bird before roasting.
Sea Salt & Linh Nam Black Pepper (Gluten Free) 2.8kg A tasty dressing oil marinade to give chicken fillets and pork loin chops a mild yet tasty lift.
A lovely subtle flavour.