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Oil Marinades for Fish and Seafood

Spice O' Life has created a range of seasonings suspended in oil which we call oil marinades.

These are topical seasonings, which add flavour and an exceptional visual look to the end product.

They are ideal for the cook in the bag concept, where the end user has to do nothing bar put the pre-seasoned fish into either the microwave or the oven.

We hope you enjoy them.

PS:  Use sparingly.

They have loads of flavour. 

A good measure for a 5 oz. fillet would be a teaspoon and no more.

Product Pack Size Description
Lemon & Garlic 500g A zesty lemon and garlic marinade ideal with all white fish especially monkfish tails and fresh cod.
New Orleans Cajun 500g An authentic taste from Mardi Gras.
Rich in notes of pepper, chilli and garlic with hints of oregano and basil.
Beautiful on Salmon and Tuna steaks.
Surprisingly nice with fresh cod fillets.
Use sparingly.
Lemon Pepper 500g A lovely zesty marinade with loads of fruity Vietnamese cracked black pepper.
Ideal, with all fish really.
Bombay Gold Marinade 500g An Indian style curry marinade, loaded with spices from the East and surprisingly lovely with fish.
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